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My Blog – Malikah’s World

FIRST OFF, I’m excited to announce that I have been nominated for my music On The Come Up Awards in Virginia!

On this page you will find inspiring messages from myself, Malikah Harris. I will update often so please stop by to check out what’s going on in my world, what I may have on my mind or just a few words of encouragement. LOVE YOU, MEAN IT…FOR REAL!!! 🙂

Understanding that we live in a world full of violent activity, racism, abuse, and crime but, not understanding the inner beauty of our world and one another. With so many twists and turns from angles of good and bad. I always say the good out ways the bad…..”Love Conquers All” This is what Mother Earth Productions LLC is all about…….LOVE!

It’s an organization that deals with people of all nations...

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