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FIRST OFF, I’m excited to announce that I have been nominated for my music On The Come Up Awards in Virginia!

On this page you will find inspiring messages from myself, Malikah Harris. I will update often so please stop by to check out what’s going on in my world, what I may have on my mind or just a few words of encouragement. LOVE YOU, MEAN IT…FOR REAL!!! 🙂

Understanding that we live in a world full of violent activity, racism, abuse, and crime but, not understanding the inner beauty of our world and one another. With so many twists and turns from angles of good and bad. I always say the good out ways the bad…..”Love Conquers All” This is what Mother Earth Productions LLC is all about…….LOVE!

It’s an organization that deals with people of all nations. Helping each other prosper into making this world a better place to live in by building each other’s spirits, passions, family, dreams, and drive. Sometimes in life we lose the best of what we know that is inside of us through pain, disappointment, death, and most of all finding out the truth. We based our lives on what society thinks and what others perceptions are of us. And not understanding the value and worth in our own skin.
Mother Earth Productions LLC Values LIFE and living with a peace of mind that passes all understanding. Through our three part project we are guaranteed to transform lives and situations in ways unimaginable.
Our first part would be CREATIVITY through our entertainment of musicals, live music, novels, clothing line, and movies we would be able to reach people of all nations to combine as one.
The second part of our project would be RESTORATION taking great percentages of our company and applying them to our and your communities to help rebuild lives by rebuilding our surroundings.
The final part of our project would be CONTINUING the passion of creativity and love in our Children for they are our future because without them we will not have one.
Mother Earth Productions LLC cares about the people of today, yesterday, and years to come.

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