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Generational Curses is based on one of the most controversial topics known to man… GENEALOGY. Where do you come from? How can one lie alter your entire existence? Set in the fictitious town of New Metro, this story is the journey of Joanna Karen Smith who tried to raise her five daughters without the influence of their fathers. Joanna a victim of rape and abuse as a young child has grown and over come many obstacles and hardships which lands her in the eye of the storm. She notices that the eye is a very peaceful place until… after she received a package from her deceased grandmother. Shifting her entire family tree leaves her wondering who her real father is. Finding out the truth takes more than a D. N. A. test.

Judith A. Mayson
Simply AMAZING! This book unveils an issue that is most often pushed under the rug OF denial yet lurks? in the heart and mind as anger. hurt shame and unforgiveness. COMPELLING “REAL TALK” conveys a message that through the journey there is hope and deliverance. You won’t wanr to put it down and will probably add to your library of must read again!”

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